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Join us as we assist each other in the National and International Commodity trade and as we look after the Interests of the South African Commodity Brokers, Buyers and Sellers. To join click here.

SANCE Blacklisting

SANCE offers their Members the Benefit of access to the Names of Commodity Brokers, Mandates, Buyers and Sellers they should rather NOT DO BUSINESS WITH.

With much cumulative experience in Commodities, we have accumulated the names of those who cannot and should not be trusted.

Brokers who make themselves guilty of breaking what is commonly referred to as a Ethical Codes of Conduct and those who make themselves guilty of illegal practices, will be blacklisted by S.A.N.C.E.

The information of those blacklisted by S.A.N.C.E, will only be confidentially made available to SANCE members. If you guilty of doing fraudulent Business, and when trying to enter enter negotiations with Buyers and Sellers, suddenly find that they are not interested to deal with you, you may have been blacklisted. Non SANCE members will still deal with you, but your name will soon be known by many.

Once blacklisted, we will be happy to, once you join S.A.N.C.E, council and train you in the "Correct ways" of doing ethical business, redeeming you completely. Your name will then, once trained,  be removed from the Black List and you will be totally restored.

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