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Code of Ethics of S.A.N.C.E. the South African National Commodity Exchange

SANCE members agree to the following code of ethics.
As a SANCE member I agree to abide to the following

  • I agree to do Business in a Ethical and Honest way

  • I agree to treat information disclosed to me by Buyers, Sellers, Intermediaries and Mandate Holders in total confidence and not to disclose such information unlawfully or without permission

  • I agree to uphold integrity and honesty in S.A.N.C.E. and the Commodity Industry as a whole

  • I agree to inform SANCE about unlawful commodity activities when I do become aware of them

  • I agree to look after the Interest of clients, S.A.N.C.E. and fellow S.A.N.C.E.  members

  • I agree not to act as a Buyer or Seller unless I do actually have the Funds available to enter into such transactions

  • I agree to abide by decisions made by the S.A.N.C.E. board in regards to uncertain actions

  • I agree to, and understand that my Membership may be cancelled and membership fees forfeited  if I dishonor this Code

  • I agree not to approach mines with "Proof of Funds" (POF) unless such permission is given in writing

  • I agree to not ever issue a LOI stating that I do have the Funds ready and available unless such funds is mine

  • I agree not to circumvent others intentionally

  • I agree not to act as a Buyer as Seller while I only represent such Buyer or Seller

  • I agree to uphold the S.A.N.C.E. code of Conduct.

  • I agree to keep the information of those Blacklisted totally confidential. I agree to never disclose it to anyone.

If you agree to abide by this Code, please complete the easy online application form on  http://www.Sance.co.za/join

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  (The South African National Commodity Exchange)
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